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Gorgeous PS VR Tank Shooter Battlezone Shows Off in a New Trailer

PS VR Battlezone

Gorgeous PS VR Tank Shooter Battlezone Shows Off in a New Trailer

A slight step up from the 80’s arcade original.

A launch title for PS VR this October, Battlezone takes the classic tank combat framework of its predecessors and puts a new coat of slick virtual reality paint on it. The newest trailer for the game highlights the variety of tanks, weapons, and new features developer Rebellion is looking to introduce to the decades old franchise.

“As much as Battlezone will make you go ‘wow,’” Creative Director Jason Kingsley writes on the PlayStation Blog, “we’ve always said it’s a game at its core, not just an experience.” And that focus has been the driving force behind many of the game’s new additions.

Not only will Battlezone feature tank combat, it will include multiple types of customizable tanks with different stats and play styles. That variety is then only matched in the variety of enemies, weapons, and even special equipment. Area of effect attacks or buffs, this special equipment can be everything from an EMP to a new ability shown off in the trailer, called Rot, which is a large AOE corrosive attack.

And while all of this is good for livening up the moment-to-moment gameplay, Rebellion also hopes to keep players hooked for the long haul. Battlezone will feature a procedurally generated campaign players can choose their own way through. Some missions “have a huge tactical impact in the long run, but the trade off is they might be harder or require a riskier approach,” Kingsley explains. Though he doesn’t go into how, he teases the shield generator shown exploding at the end will play a large roll in that tactical impact.

“Players have to consider their whole campaign strategy, not just the moment-to-moment first-person shooting.”

Releasing alongside the PS VR on Oct.13, Battlezone will be available digitally and at retail.

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