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Abzu: How to Save


Abzu: How to Save

Sometimes you gotta get out of the water!

Abzu drops you in the middle of its vast blue waters and tasks you with rejuvenating areas that have seen better days. While the experience isn’t an overly long one, there is the chance that you may have to come away from it for one reason or another. In that case, here’s how to save and when to know that you’re all good to quit the game.

Saving in Abzu is all automatic. The game tends to autosave pretty frequently, but unfortunately, there’s no way of being able to tell exactly when Abzu has saved your progress. In that sense, it’s a bit of a guessing game, but from our own experiences, there’s a pretty good way to ensure your progress isn’t going to be lost if you back out.

During our playthrough with Abzu, we found that the game tended to save once we had passed through and completed an area. If you’re struggling to work out where one area ends and another one begins, they’re usually broken up by a little gameplay section of you traveling down a jet stream at high speeds to reach a new location. Simply wait until you’ve finished the jet stream section (if you can wait that long), and you should be safe to exit out. Of course, this may vary for each person’s experience, but with these being significant milestones in your mission to save the ocean, it’d make sense that the game would auto-save at this point.

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