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6 New Pokemon Revealed in New Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailer


6 New Pokemon Revealed in New Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailer

More new Pokemon!

Six new Pokemon, including Yungoos’ evolution, were revealed in a new Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer.

The first of the new Pokemon is Oricorio which has four styles, each of which can be found on different islands in the game. The four styles are: Baile Style (Fire and Flying), Pom-Pom Style (Electric and Flying), Pa’u Style (Psychic and Flying), and Sensu Style (Ghost and Flying). Its ability is Dancer which allows it to mimic the dance of the opposing Pokemon.

oricorio pokemon sun and moon

Next up is Minior, a Rock and Flying Type Pokemon with the ability Shields Down. The ability sheds the outer layer of Minior, exposing a colourful core layer.

minior pokemon sun and moon

Third is Gumshoos, the evolution of Yungoos. It is a Normal Type Pokemon with the ability Stakeout or Strong Jaw.

gumshoos-pokemon-sun-moon (1)

Next, Formantis and its evolution Lurantis were revealed. They are both Grass Type Pokemon and both have the ability Leaf Guard. The trailer also showed Lurantis using a new move called Solar Blade that brings a large blade crashing down from the skies.


Finally, Mudbray was revealed. It is a Ground Type Pokemon with the ability Own Tempo/Stamina.


What do you think of the new Pokemon? Let us know in the comments below.

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