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5 Things Destiny 2 Can Learn from No Man’s Sky


5 Things Destiny 2 Can Learn from No Man’s Sky

Learning is power.

It’s Fun to Be Seamless

No Man's Sky_20160809132755

No Man’s Sky is truly seamless from top to bottom. Not a lot of games these days let you actually travel for reals to that large planet far off in the skybox, but Hello Games doesn’t agree with that model. If you can see it, you can get there at some point. It’s awesome, and helps sell the feeling that you’re an explorer on another world. After all, what’s the point of exploring if you can’t actually explore everywhere?

Destiny, conversely, limits the feeling of space adventure to zones. This would be fine, except for the part where you complete multiple missions on a single planet. You have to complete one mission, wait for the timer to end after the info dump, move the cursor back to that planet, select, then wait for loading and the exposition to do their thing. It gets to be a chore after a while, especially when you can see the stupid Skywatch array. Right. There.

With any luck, Destiny 2 will follow in No Man’s Sky’s footsteps and allow a little more accessibility when it comes to places we see. On a similar note…

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