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5 Ways to Know No Man’s Sky Isn’t For You


5 Ways to Know No Man’s Sky Isn’t For You

It’s pretty, but that really isn’t enough.

It’s Lonely

No Man's Sky

Hello Games put together a truly beautiful game in No Man’s Sky. Sometimes, even technical masterpieces aren’t games that everyone should run out and play right away. There are certainly plenty of people who love this game, but there are plenty others who wish they had never wasted their time with it.

One of the big reasons certain players are going to want to avoid playing this game is because of how isolated you will be once you start spanning the universe. Destiny has likely ruined it for the rest of space battle and space exploration games that rely on large servers. You aren’t going to run across the millions of people who are playing this game while you travel.

There was even one story of two players who were on the same planet and in the same location, and they couldn’t see each other. There was a time Hello Games claimed No Man’s Sky was going to be a multiplayer game, but even then, warned it would be hard to see other players. The universe was just too big. Now that the game is out, Sean Murray and company have backtracked on claims No Man’s Sky has any multiplayer functionality at all.

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