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5 Reasons to be a Gaming PC Owner


5 Reasons to be a Gaming PC Owner

A great way to play.

Games Cost Less

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As great as gaming is, it isn’t always the cheapest hobby to have. Hardware can be costly and then you’ve got additional peripherals and a huge amount of great games that are worth your money and time. Gaming PC owners tend to get the best deal here. For whatever reason, PC versions of games are sometimes a little bit cheaper than their console counterparts. Though it may not seem like a huge amount at the time, add that up over a few purchases and you’ve almost paid for another game in the savings you’ve made.

This is even before you take Steam Sales, GOG, Humble Bundles, and more stupidly cheap offers into account, too. Steam Sales are well known for slashing over 75% off recent titles, and allowing PC gamers to stock up on games for the coming months. Humble Bundles provide a similar service too, and all money raised goes to charity so you know it’s going to a good place. PC players may not always get some of the big exclusives that console players get, but they sure get better value for money.

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