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5 Big Questions We Can’t Wait for No Man’s Sky to Answer


5 Big Questions We Can’t Wait for No Man’s Sky to Answer

So many mysteries in space.

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How Many Quests are There?


Quests in No Man’s Sky are a bit of an unknown entity as of yet. We know that they’re going to exist and they’ll have us completing a variety of different tasks, but just how many quests there are is yet to be seen. Considering not every planet is going to have something of interest on them, will these quests have us venturing across the galaxy from a civilized planet to one of these smaller ones in order to pick up a valuable material or item?

It’s also relatively unknown to what extent these quests are going to tie into our quest to reach the center of the galaxy. After all, we know that this is the ‘end-game’ as such for No Man’s Sky, but little else has been explained about how we’re supposed to get there and whether we have any sort of means of working out our progress. Only getting our hands on the game will really be able to answer this one.

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