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12 Features The Sims 4 Still Needs


12 Features The Sims 4 Still Needs

Where are the pets?

Open World

Sims 4, Maxis, EA

While it’s all well and good seeing our Sims go about their everyday lives as we spruce up their home and plan what they’ll do upon their return from work, the lack of an open world for our Sims to go and explore feels like a huge step back from its predecessor. The Sims 3 allowed us to go around and explore the neighborhood, checking out where our friends lived and giving us a change of scenery from the inside of the house.

This freedom is gone in The Sims 4. Granted, it seems that the open world aspect of The Sims 3 seemed to have contributed to a number of lag issues for some players, but with the advancement in tech, you’d think similar issues could be ironed out for the fourth entry. Although it’s unlikely, we can cross our fingers and hope that a huge open world expansion will come to The Sims 4, and maybe add in a couple more places to go and explore, too.

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