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10 Gaming Animals We All Wish Were Real


10 Gaming Animals We All Wish Were Real

There must be a way!


dragon dragonite pokemon go

While Pokémon may encompass a huge number of different species, we’re gonna be honest and say that they’re all too darn cool or cute for us to choose between. Pokémon are not only loyal to have wherever your adventures in life may take you, but they can always be returned to their Poké Ball should size or weight ever be an issue. Oh, and they’re pretty useful to have on your side if you ever run into any criminal gangs trying to take over the world.

Whether you’ve always wanted to fly on the back of a majestic Dragonite, or you’ve been envious of Ash and his incredibly cute and badass Pikachu, everyone has a Pokémon that they wish was real. Even better, we’d finally be able to live out our dream of being the very best there ever was.

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