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Zombie Night Terror Review


Zombie Night Terror Review

Zombie Night Terror is a Lemmings-style puzzler following the advance of an undead horde.

Zombie Night Terror on PC

For many of us who grew up in the earlier days of home-computer gaming, there were a few games that it seems everyone played. It is from one of these classics, Lemmings, that the inspiration for Zombie Night Terror seems to come.  A fast-paced reactionary puzzle game, Zombie Night Terror plays out much like that old-school game, although rather than leading adorable creatures to safety, players now guide the shambling undead on their journey to world destruction.

While Zombie Night Terror clearly owes a lot to Psygnosis’ 1991 puzzler, there’s still plenty that’s new and different about it. Many levels do still hold the traditional goal of helping your mindless mob reach the exit and move on, but there are other goals along the way as well. Secondary objectives, such as killing every human or leading your horde to hidden objects, keep play challenging and offer some additional tasks to complete, which is a nice way of adding material.

Zombie Night Terror Runner Zombies

Of course, Zombie Night Terror’s differences don’t stop there. While those who’ve played the classic Lemmings game may remember that their world was a dangerous one, filled with lava, pitfalls, and more, the shambling masses here will have to contend with more modern threats. Armed humans stand to offer considerable resistance to the horde’s advances, and your typical traps and other obstacles will litter the paths as well.

If you never played Lemmings, Zombie Night Terror’s gameplay will likely strike you as pretty fresh. Rather than taking control of any given zombie, players must control the horde by using special “evolutions” that impact the movement and playing field in certain ways. Overlord zombies will direct traffic, pushing zombies in a given direction, while exploding zombies can open new paths through the level or take out armored humans. Plenty more evolutions unlock as the game progresses, each giving the player new ways of directing the undead and overcoming challenges.

Zombie Night Terror Cheerleaders

If Zombie Night Terror is thin anywhere, it’s in the rudimentary story. For the most part, it has little impact on play, but plenty of zombie-flick tropes work their way into the game. Mad scientists, bad batches of street drugs, and plenty more play out as the risen dead roam through the cities and consume the living. Of course, the living who fall to the horde’s advances will rise up after a few moments and join the group in its relentless march of death.

All in all, Zombie Night Terror doesn’t bring a whole lot of full-scale innovation to the table, but it’s an interesting and fun spin on a classic. The changes made to bring the theme to life all fit very well with the overall idea, and those who didn’t grow up with Lemmings as a ubiquitous presence are sure to find some new curiosities here. You can pick Zombie Night Terror up for a fair price of $12.99, or take advantage of a sale price through July 27 over on Steam.

Score: 4/5 – Great


  • Lots of complex puzzles and extra objectives.
  • Great twist on a classic game.
  • Neat retro-style look and feel.


  • Lack of real innovation.

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