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Zero Time Dilemma: How to Open the Force Quit Box


Zero Time Dilemma: How to Open the Force Quit Box

But what are you force quitting?

Be warned that this article contains major spoilers for some story events in Zero Time Dilemma.

After you’ve managed to unlock the timeline where all three teams are safe from the execution vote and the ‘Kill’ button decision, C-Team will be the first to encounter the Force Quit Box. The password can be obtained from the alternate timeline with the Zero ending. The password is: VIVEHODIE.

However, just opening the Force Quit Box isn’t enough. When Q-Team finds the box, they’ll have to put it on standby in the Quantum Computer Dome. In order to do this, Q needs to access the cable by removing his metal orb, and also the cover on the keyboard. The password for removing the cover is: 38080832. The password for removing Q’s orb is 61404091.

After this, the Force Quit sequence can finally be activated, but it will have to be done by D-Team. In order to activate the sequence, two key items are required, and they’re described as a mother’s mementos. Diana will have to figure out what they are. The items are the BROOCH and the BLUE BIRD. After you key these in, Diana will regain her memories from the previous timelines and figure out her relation to Phi and Sigma.

Successfully opening the Force Quit Box will set you on the path of the true ending of Zero Time Dilemma.

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