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Zero Time Dilemma: How to Open Diana and Sigma’s Locked Door


Zero Time Dilemma: How to Open Diana and Sigma’s Locked Door

But who are the twins?

Be warned that this article contains major spoilers for some story events of Zero Time Dilemma.

After solving the transporter room puzzle in Zero Time Dilemma, Diana and Sigma will attempt to transport themselves to another timeline with the alien contraption. Upon arriving in the alternate timeline, they’ll be faced with the locker room puzzle. After solving that, they’ll discover a golden door behind the VIP shower room. However, you’ll need an eight-digit password to unlock the door.

The hint to the password can be found in two other timelines: first, in the timeline where Q-Team solves the pod room puzzle, Q will have to escape Eric’s wrath when he picks up the shotgun. If you managed to get Carlos to SHIFT back into the timeline where he kills Akane, he’ll send Q-Team a message via Gab to check the family portrait. Q and Eric will find a golden door, with the the words “twins’ birthday” on the bottom.

But who exactly are these twins, and when is their birthday?

In the timeline where Diana and Sigma remain in their own timeline without transporting, the two will end up spending a lot of time in the underground shelter. At the end of this branch, Diana will give birth to twins on November 16, 2029.

The password to the golden door in the timeline where the transported Diana and Sigma are is as follows: 11162029.

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