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You Can Get PokeStop Rewards Without Tapping Them, by the Way


You Can Get PokeStop Rewards Without Tapping Them, by the Way

So much time saved tapping!

Don’t you hate how you have tap on every single  one of you Pokemon GO PokeStop rewards to collect them after swiping on the image? Well, turns out you didn’t have to all along.

PokeStops are one of the most important locations in Pokemon GO. Most trainers will find themselves frequenting them as often as possible in order to maximize their free items for the day. However, that darn tapping of each individual item can be time-consuming and a bit of a pain. Especially if you’re walking and trying to pay attention to where you’re going. Well, we’ve got some good news for you.

When you next visit a PokeStop, simply spin the image as you normally would and then X out from the location. Upon exiting out you’ll see all the items automatically add themselves to your inventory so there’s no panicking thinking they haven’t really been added to your collection.

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