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Yes, All Pokemon GO Players See the Same Pokemon


Yes, All Pokemon GO Players See the Same Pokemon

Very handy to know.

Pokemon GO has only been out for a few short days, but the game is already a gigantic hit. No matter where you go, you’ve probably seen groups of people standing in the middle of a field staring down at their phone hunting virtual creatures. The game is reaching masses that few games could dream of.

Though despite its popularity, most players can agree that the game really doesn’t explain itself very well. You’re essentially left to figure it all out on your own. And one of the burning questions Pokemon GO players have been wondering about is actually a pretty simple one: am I seeing the same Pokemon as everyone else right now? The short answer is…yes!

For example, if you’re walking around a park and you find a corner of grass that has a lot of Abra’s poking around, then this will also be the same for any other players at that moment. This is actually a big deal for the game, as it opens up the possibility of letting friends know where they can reliably find a certain Pokemon. It also makes playing with friends a much more social and realistic experience, and adds to the “magic” of the game.

We’ve been hard at working bring you plenty of Pokemon GO coverage, including 20 important features the game doesn’t explain, as well as a comprehensive wiki guide for all of your other unanswered questions.

What do you think of this news? Are you more likely to play the game with friends?


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