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Yelp Has Added a “PokeStop Nearby” Filter to Searches

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Yelp Has Added a “PokeStop Nearby” Filter to Searches

Find at 5-star restaurant and a PokeStop at the same time!

Trying to find a place to eat can be a real hassle after a long day of Pokemon hunting. Luckily, your friends at Yelp are trying to help you out. The location-based search engine has added a new search filter that will allow you to find restaurants, bars, and even furniture stores with conveniently placed PokeStops near them. Because why buy a new desk from an Ikea that won’t give you Poke Balls, when you can buy a desk from one that will.

Ikea, PokeStop

There’s at least one Ikea in the San Francisco area with a PokeStop near it. Don’t worry, we’ve checked.

Unfortunately, locating all these businesses near PokeStops is a tall order and as Yelp explained in a recent blog post, they’re going to need everyone’s help. In order to get your local PokeStop-ridden laundromat up on the search, simply check into Yelp and answer a quick question. According to the post “Yelpers have already identified thousands of PokéStops,” so the trend appears to definitely be catching on. This feature combined with the new ability to request PokeStops and Gyms at specific locations will be a powerful asset for bringing trainers together and providing them the tools they need to become a true Pokemon Master.

The PokeStop filter is available on desktop and mobile in the U.S., New Zealand, and Australia.


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