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WWE 2K16: How to Break the Announcer’s Table


WWE 2K16: How to Break the Announcer’s Table

WWE is, and always has been about dealing the most damage to your opponent and emerging from the ring victorious. While your finishing moves, clotheslines, and submission moves are great ways to lead you to victory, sometimes you want a little bit more flair. Here’s how to put your opponent through the announcer’s table.

Before you even try to get started with this, you’ll need to make sure you have the ‘Announcer Table Break skill’ equipped. If you don’t, you’re not gonna have any luck breaking it no matter how hard you try. You’ll also need an Announce Table OMG finisher equipped in the move sets.

Whatever way you decide you’re going to put your opponent through the table, you’ll always have to make sure you take the cover of the table off by using either LB or L1 first. Once that’s removed, then it’s time to bring the pain.

The first method of bringing announcer table pain is to lean your opponent against the table and then grapple. By grappling, you will then lay your opponent down on the table, and will be prompted to use your OMG finisher. Simply pull off the button prompt and you’ll bring the pain all the way through that table.

If you’d rather try something a little bit more extravagant, you can always lay them down on the table just as you did before, and then climb the nearest ropes to the very top. Then, simply perform an elbow drop and bring the pain from a height.

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