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What Is We Happy Few? Everything You Need to Know


What Is We Happy Few? Everything You Need to Know

Get clued up on Wellington Wells!


we happy few

We Happy Few is set in a dystopian, retrofuturistic, 1960s English city that has been ravaged by effects of war. In an attempt to suppress the horrible memories its citizens had of the war, and rebuild a much happier society, the government has begun distributing a pill called Joy. Joy is essentially a ‘happy pill’ that controls the sense of fulfillment the user receives, and covers up all of the negativity and concerns in the world around them.

We Happy Few tells the tale of a bunch of people who, having suffered from this Joy-focused regime in Wellington Wells for long enough, decide they’re going to escape. Of course, that’s not going to be easy when you’re surrounded by a bunch of overly happy and deluded psychotics.

The game has you playing as a few different playable characters throughout the story. Each one has their own storyline which will change and shift depending on the events that happen around them. This means that although all of your characters are trying to achieve the same ultimate goal, the means by which they arrive at this will ultimately differ as you progress, forcing you to master all skills at your disposal to be successful.

While We Happy Few’s Early Access build has given us a taste of the story, a lot of it remains largely under wraps until its full release, so for now, there isn’t all that much to tell.

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