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What Is Pokemon GO? Everything You Need to Know


What Is Pokemon GO? Everything You Need to Know

Pokemon GO is all that anyone seems to be talking about nowadays, and for good reason. The game is taking the world by storm one country at a time, reigniting the passion in longtime fans, and creating brand new fans at the same time. But you may be wondering, what exactly is it?

Pokemon GO is a mobile app that uses your device’s GPS capability and augmented reality to let you become a Pokemon trainer in the real world. How does that work? Well, using Google Maps, the app is able to determine landmarks and other important locations to set up Gyms, stops, and breeding grounds for the virtual creatures you’re tasked with catching. Using your GPS, the app determines whether you’re in proximity to these locations and then alerts you if there’s a Pokemon nearby. If there is you can pull them up on your phone and see them right there in the world.

Pokemon GO, growlithe

You can then interact with the Pokemon by taking pictures, feeding them fruits, and capturing them. If you capture them you add them to your collection. From there you can battle other Pokemon at Gyms, train them, evolve them, transfer them, or, in the future, trade them with other players.

Why is this such a big deal? Well, Pokemon games have been around for nearly two decades, helping to sell millions of Game Boys and Nintendo 3DS handheld consoles. For years, fans have been wanting to be actual Pokemon trainers, and Pokemon GO gives them a taste of what that would be like. It’s a simple premise that is captivating tons of players as we speak, and it’s still not even fully released.

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