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Everything We Know About No Man’s Sky So Far


Everything We Know About No Man’s Sky So Far

The revival of space exploration.

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What is No Man’s Sky?

no man's sky atlas

We’ve heard so much about the upcoming space exploration game from Hello Games, and we’ve seen quite a few trailers and demos at this point. However, there still seems to be so much mystery and intrigue surrounding this game. Just what do you do in No Man’s Sky? Is it just a walking simulator where you explore planets in space and interact with plants and animals? Is there any form of combat? What else can you do aside from just moving from planet to planet in your tiny spaceship?

As it turns out, No Man’s Sky has so much more to offer than just basic space exploration. Yes, the element of exploration is at the game’s core. However, what a lot of people might not know is that the game also contains features like combat (both on the ground and in space), mining, trading, and interaction with alien races and NPCs. The reason why we’ve only been seeing desolate and empty landscapes in all the trailers so far is because Hello Games is attempting to recreate the sense of loneliness that comes with exploring the unknown in classic science fiction stories.

No Man’s Sky draws inspiration from older sci-fi stories like Dune and Rendezvous. Instead of providing us with a backdrop filled with busy spaceports and colonies like we usually see in modern movies, No Man’s Sky attempts to emulate the essence and environments of older sci-fi epics.

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