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We Happy Few: What Happens If You Take the Joy Instead of Remembering


We Happy Few: What Happens If You Take the Joy Instead of Remembering

The easy way isn’t always the best way.

We Happy Few is one odd game. The twisted utopia that players are thrust into is kept alive thanks to an odd, pink little pill called Joy. This tiny bit of medicine has the power to erase all your worries and twist your face into a rather frightening smile.

During the prologue, you have the option of experiencing the sweet release of Joy yourself or giving up on the substance and facing the cold reality of your existence. While many players know that they shouldn’t continue taking the pink substance, it’s natural to wonder just what happens if you opt for the easy road, the one free of pain and suffering.

If you decide to take the Joy the game ends right then and there. You are one of the Wellies, willingly giving up your past so that you can smile in the future. There is no game to play, no survival needed because you are one of the many sheep wandering Wellington Wells with a huge medically induced smile plastered across your face.

The credits will roll and you will need to start over if you want to see what else We Happy Few has to offer. You’ll only get thrown into the “real world” if you decide to forego your prescription.

So what will you do? Will you not mess with the status quo, or will you commit yourself to fleeing the false happiness that’s been given to you?

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