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We Happy Few: How to Block and Shove


We Happy Few: How to Block and Shove

While We Happy Few’s eerie narrative and Bioshock-like appeal drew players in, the game actually features more roguelike elements than any of its assumed inspirations. Survival is key to We Happy Few’s gameplay. When you’re caught as a no-good Downer, though, you may need to fight your way out, so here’s how to block and shove while in combat.

To block an enemy’s incoming attack, hold the Left Trigger on your Xbox One controller (or your mapped equivalent on PC). Blocks will only shield attacks coming from in front of you, so make sure you’re at least facing your opponent. If you have a weapon equipped, blocking will absorb more damage than if you were just using your hands as defense. Keep in mind, though, that using your weapon as a shield will damage it, and eventually, it will be destroyed completely.

Shoving an enemy can be a useful combat maneuver as well. If you’re near a ledge or set of stairs, a good push can send your enemies flying, but if you’re not, it’s still useful for upsetting their balance. To shove, hit the R3 button.

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