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Two Pokemon GO Players Walked Off a Cliff While on their Phones


Two Pokemon GO Players Walked Off a Cliff While on their Phones

Always be mindful of your surroundings.

It seems like the string of Pokemon GO-related disasters and accidents continues to stay strong. Two men walked off Encinitas bluff while trying to collect their prizes in the app just yesterday. According to Coast News, the two men walked off the cliff and sustained serious injuries, but thankfully survived their fall.

“Two men were taken to Scripps La Jolla Trauma Center after Encinitas lifeguards and firefighters rescued one man off of a bluff around E Street and another man who had fallen 75 to 100 feet down to the beach below.

Emergency crews and lifeguards discovered the first man on the beach shortly after 1 p.m. and were tending to him when they spotted the second man on the side of the bluff, according to Joint Fire Management Services Battalion Chief Robbie Ford.”

Prior to this, there have been reports of Pokemon GO players getting robbed at PokeStops, and also the discovery of a corpse while Pokemon hunting. The game might be fun, and it might be doing a great job of bringing people together, but do remember to stay safe.

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