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Top 8 Best Indie Games of 2016 So Far


Top 8 Best Indie Games of 2016 So Far

The best indie gems!

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oxenfree, indie

Originally released in January this year from indie developer Night School Studio, Oxenfree is a supernatural thriller that tells the story of a group of friends who open a ghost rift on a creepy island. You assume the role of Alex, who has brought her new stepbrother along to meet her friends, which, have some dramas that you must delicately navigate through dialog options.

In that sense, Oxenfree is just as much a teen drama as it is a terrifying ghost story. Your decisions will affect every aspect of Alex’s story as you uncover the dark past of the island. What’s more, Night School Studio just added a huge update to the game. With new storylines, scenes, and endings to explore, plus a behind-the-scenes documentary, those who have already played through the experience have plenty more reasons to give it another try. For those of you yet to head over to the creepy island in Oxenfree, don’t let the boat leave without you.

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