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Top 5 Games to Look Forward to in July 2016


Top 5 Games to Look Forward to in July 2016

The drought still has some gems.

Although July is relatively light on big game releases, that doesn’t mean that there is nothing for you to look forward to in the coming weeks. Even during the summer drought, there are a few potential gems hiding just beneath the surface of the surprisingly large influx of games. Allow us to help you keep your gaze on the games to watch out for.

The Banner Saga 2

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The Banner Saga 2 has been available on PC since April, where it garnered some solid praise and is currently sitting on an 83 over at Metacritic. It’s finally made its way to the Xbox One and will be hitting the PS4 tomorrow, meaning that if you’re not particularly a PC player, you’re running out of excuses to not give this tactical-RPG a  try.

The Banner Saga 2 picks off where the first one left off, and even lets you import your saved data if you happen to have any. Yet this continuation is so much more than just a follow up. It improves on everything including offering plenty more options in combat, allowing players to really dig into the strategy aspect. Plus, there are even more story paths for those looking for a solid narrative. The Banner Saga 2 is not only one of the must play games of the summer, but quite possibly the year as well. 

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