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Top 10 Highest Rated PS4 Games of 2016 So Far


Top 10 Highest Rated PS4 Games of 2016 So Far

Simply the best.

Uncharted 4

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Naughty Dog’s finale to Nathan Drake’s story released in May this year on the PS4 and wowed critics and fans alike. Set three years after the events of Uncharted 3, we catch up with a reluctant Nathan Drake, who is dragged back into the life of adventuring by his older brother Sam.

In typical Uncharted fashion, the game looked stunning, had some excellent voice acting and was the perfect end to Nate’s adventures. The game currently has a Metascore on 93 based off 110 critic reviews. In our own review, we said, “Whether you find Uncharted 4’s conclusion the proper one is an endless calculation of spoilers and motives. As for myself, I hope to see more of Uncharted, but if I do not, I will have witnessed an unforgettable end to a legacy.” We gave the game a perfect score.

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