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Top 10 Highest Rated PS4 Games of 2016 So Far


Top 10 Highest Rated PS4 Games of 2016 So Far

Simply the best.

Uncharted 4

uncharted 4, top, rated, playstation 4

Naughty Dog’s finale to Nathan Drake’s story released in May this year on the PS4 and wowed critics and fans alike. Set three years after the events of Uncharted 3, we catch up with a reluctant Nathan Drake, who is dragged back into the life of adventuring by his older brother Sam.

In typical Uncharted fashion, the game looked stunning, had some excellent voice acting and was the perfect end to Nate’s adventures. The game currently has a Metascore on 93 based off 110 critic reviews. In our own review, we said, “Whether you find Uncharted 4’s conclusion the proper one is an endless calculation of spoilers and motives. As for myself, I hope to see more of Uncharted, but if I do not, I will have witnessed an unforgettable end to a legacy.” We gave the game a perfect score.

The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine

Blood and Wine, witcher 3, portal, easter egg

Though arguably not a full game, Blood and Wine is a massive expansion to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt that provides many tens of hours of content. Blood and Wine takes Geralt to the new land of Toussaint, a vibrant new land, rich with lore and filled to the brim with vampires.

Not only do players receive a lengthy main quest in Blood and Wine, but there’s also a bunch of side quests, treasure hunts, contracts, and additional items. The expansion currently has a Metascore on 92 based off 21 critic reviews, with many stating Blood and Wine to be the fitting send-off to everyone’s favorite Witcher, Geralt.


Overwatch, achievements

When Overwatch released late in May, nobody quite expected it to be quite as compelling as it has turned out to be. The team-based shooter from Blizzard has had players battling it out desperate to win the play of the game award, unlock extra skins for their characters, and most importantly level up. Where Overwatch really shines, however, is its huge roster of characters. While each one feels distinctly different, none of them feel hugely overpowered, and even if some of them had a slight advantage, Blizzard has already got to work balancing them out a little more.

Overwatch has a Metascore of 90 based on 28 critic reviews on the PS4. The Jimquisition praised Overwatch’s dedication to “one strong, singular style of game” which has helped it to become a “finely tuned and instantly playable production.”

Dark Souls III

Dark Souls III, tips, tricks, guide, how to, jump

Dark Souls III took players back into the dark and grueling world of the Souls franchise when it released in April this year. With beautiful landscapes, deep RPG mechanics, and the classic challenging combat that the series has become renowned for, Dark Souls III didn’t disappoint fans.

At 89, Dark Souls III comes fourth in the PS4’s highest rated games of the year so far. In our review we gave it a perfect score, stating that, “As the final game in the series, Dark Souls III delivers a fantastic, no holds barred, 30-hour experience that will satisfy longtime fans. Dark Souls III polishes its gameplay mechanics to a shine, and delivers the lore in droves to those who hunger for it – the perfect mix for an action RPG. Praise the Sun.”

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir

odin sphere top, rated, playstation 4

A remake of the 2008 PS2 game of the same name, Leifthrasir sports a new, sleeker UI, with plenty of tweaks and adjustments that have been made to the key mechanics of the game. The game tells the stories of five different characters whose journeys intertwine with each other. Leifthrasir gives all five of these characters their own developed story arcs, providing an insight into their motivations in the war.

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir released to critical acclaim on the PS4 in June with it receiving a Metascore of 88 from 39 critic reviews. Many of the reviews praised the game for its high level of polish and excellent plot. We particularly liked the gorgeous artwork and visuals in the game, and scored it a 4/ 5.

The Witness

the witness top, rated, playstation 4

Exclusive to PS4, The Witness was the product of many years of hard work from Jonathan Blow and the rest of the team at Thekla Inc. The Witness sees you awakening on an island, alone, with over 500 puzzles surrounding you. Each one will guide you that tiny bit closer to finding your way home. The game’s fiendishly difficult puzzles are complemented by a beautiful art style that you won’t mind admiring and passing away a little bit of time when those puzzles seem impossible.

Arguably the first big hit of the year, The Witness released to seriously high praise from critics back in late January. Sitting with a Metascore of 87 from 82 critic reviews, The Witness was praised for its huge scope, challenging puzzles and respect for the player’s intelligence. We particularly loved the game, stating that “The Witness is a constant idea just within reach and then, once you grasp it, is a new perspective altogether. It won’t be quick nor easy to solve, but you can’t help but be enraptured by its beauty through every frustration and moment of clarity.”

Guilty Gear Xrd- REVELATOR

guilty gear xrd revelator top, rated, playstation 4

Running at 60 frames per second and with a roster of over 20 fighters, Guilty Gear Xrd- Revelator is the latest entry in the popular fighting series. With new characters, story, mechanics and art style, Guilty Gear has made itself a formidable opponent in the fighting genre.

With a rating of 86 from 24 critic reviews, Guilty Gear Xrd is praised for the number of upgrades and improved features it has added, as well as its stunning visuals. The game has a similarly impressive user score of 8.3 based on 50 ratings.

DiRT Rally

DiRT Rally top, rated, playstation 4

The rally racing genre is one that is seldom seen in recent years. Despite its popularity back during the PS1 era and early years of the PlayStation 2, rally cars have taken a back seat to the ultra fast high-performance road cars. Regardless of this change in the trend, DiRT Rally released in April this year, featuring 39 of the most iconic cars from throughout rally history and allows players to push them to their limits over six rallies with over 70 stages.

DiRT Rally was a strong showing for the rally genre, receiving a Metascore of 85 from 46 critic reviews. Its realistic physics, challenging difficulty, and slick visuals being some of the most notable highlights among critics.

Crypt of the NecroDancer

crypt of the necrodancer top, rated, playstation 4

Tasked with recapturing your beating heart that you somehow managed to lose, you must dance your way through the dungeon of dance and slay the NecroDancer in this rhythm-based roguelike game. You must move on the beat to navigate the procedurally generated dungeons, and battle your way through countless enemies with the power of dance. Yes, it’s as ridiculous as it sounds, but damn it’s good fun.

Crypt of the NecroDancer has a score of 85 based on 8 critic reviews, being praised for offering a “groovy twist on traditional roguelikes.” Unfortunately, players didn’t seem to like it quite as much as critics did, with the game receiving a user score of 6.7 from 28 ratings.


doom top, rated, playstation 4

id Software’s Doom reboot is brutal, gory, and a heck of a lot of fun. With a huge arsenal of insane weapons that steadily increases on your journey to hell and back, you’ll never be short of options as to how to put the waves of demons baying for your blood to rest. All of this action is crammed into a visually stunning package that helps to bring the gore to the forefront of the experience. Oh, and don’t forget about the tons of hidden secrets in its world, too.

Doom scored an average rating of 85 from 57 critic reviews. and an equally impressive 8.2 user score from over 1000 ratings. Doom was praised for its fast pace, huge waves of enemies, and high level of polish.

What has been your favorite PS4 game so far this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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