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This Fan Has Finally Beat Dark Souls 3 Using a Dance Pad

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This Fan Has Finally Beat Dark Souls 3 Using a Dance Pad

Another story to add to your “Crazy Ways to Play Dark Souls” collection.

YouTuber and committed gamer, ATwerkinYoshi, has completed Dark Souls 3 entirely by playing with two dance pads as his controller of choice.

ATwerkinYoshi had never played the third installment in From Software’s notoriously difficult franchise, but started the game back in April of this year.

44 hours and 364 deaths later, he conquered the final boss on his third try.

You can check it out in the video below.

ATwerkinYoshi is no stranger to playing games using a dance pad, having completed such titles like Super Mario 64 and Street Fighter 2: Turbo.

He is currently taking recommendations for what game he should play next, and has promised to publish an explanation video about how he tackled his Dark Souls 3 run.

ATwerkinYoshi has even promised to play Dark Souls 3 again, but this time using the DK Bongos accessory from the Nintendo GameCube.

This isn’t the first time someone has completed a From Software game in ridiculous fashion, with other notable examples including the fan who finished Bloodborne with a Rock Band guitar or the player who conquered the original Dark Souls by only using his voice.


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