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Fallout Gets an Impressively Accurate Fan-Made TV Pilot

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Fallout Gets an Impressively Accurate Fan-Made TV Pilot

Now we want a Fallout TV series even more.

Video games have quite a history with film adaptions, however we haven’t really seen games splinter off into television, at least outside of animated shows geared for a younger audience. Mechanical Cake TV imagines a way that we can change that, with their pilot for Fallout: Revelation, which they debuted last week at San Diego Comic Con.

Revelation is surprisingly faithful to the Fallout series, both in tone and look. It’s full of things that look as if they came straight out of the game, like Galaxy Radio, and even just the UI on the Pip-Boy that the scavenger in the video wears. The Enclave also seems to be set up as the primary villains of the series.

It’s clear that Fallout: Revelation has some decent production values, and just looking at the video’s description on YouTube shows a sizeable team behind it. Mechanical Cake has listed the video as the first part out of three, so it seems fairly likely that we’ll at least see two more videos. Unfortunately, it could be hard for Revelation to make it on a network, but there may definitely be a future for it as a high production web series. Take a look at the full video down below.

What do you think of Fallout: Revelation? Would you like to see the series continue, or see some kind of Fallout television series? Leave a comment below and let us know.


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