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There’s Something We Happy Few Players Should Know About the Water in Wellington Wells

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There’s Something We Happy Few Players Should Know About the Water in Wellington Wells

The water tastes a bit funny, doesn’t it?

We Happy Few has a lot of chaos to survive. Smiling maniacs, challenging roguelike mechanics, and a dark story lying beneath the surface. When you first step into the game’s twisted utopia, you’re dropped into the Garden with other Downers (citizens who refuse to take the government’s “happiness-inducing” drug, Joy) like yourself. It’s easy to avoid unwanted drugs here, but that all changes when you reach Wellington Wells.

Wellington Wells is at the center of We Happy Few’s world and mystery. This is where the Wellies live, people who happily take Joy and follow the government’s instruction. Houses are well kept, the law is out and about, and it seems like a normal, clean town. In order to keep it that way, it seems that the government has taken an extra precaution to keep people in line: water contamination.

Unlike other areas, where you can drink water from pumps without any worry, the water you drink from faucets in Wellington Wells is laced with Joy. Joy has a few effects on players, but it’s the after-effects that you want to look out for – sudden depression, rapid passing of time, hunger, and thirst.

Be careful when looting Wellington Wells homes, especially while thirsty. Bring a Water Canteen, which filters water. That way, you can have a nice refreshing drink without worrying about the long arm of the government. There’s no level too low for them to stoop when it comes to bringing Joy to the masses.

Of course, there are other things to be wary of in We Happy Few’s world as well. We’ve put together a few tips to help you out as you traverse this daunting world. Have fun and don’t drink the water.

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