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The Division Update 1.3 Finally Arrives on PS4, More Fixes Come to All Platforms

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The Division Update 1.3 Finally Arrives on PS4, More Fixes Come to All Platforms

Fixes for everyone!

The Division’s title update 1.3 is now available to download for all players on PlayStation 4, and a couple of fixes have also been implemented for all platforms.

The game’s servers have been temporarily taken down in order for the title update to be successfully integrated into the game. The servers are expected to resume at around 6am EST, according to a tweet from the game’s official Twitter account.

Update 1.3 isn’t the only thing coming to the game. As the tweet above mentions, a couple of fixes for all platforms are also being implemented during this time. According to a post on the Ubisoft forums, the following list of changes will also be made.

  • Deployment of Content Update 1.3 for all PlayStation 4 players. This does not enable the content of Expansion I: Underground which is scheduled for release on August 2nd.

  • Fixed a bug where High Value Target NPCs were capped at level 30 maximum. This will also fix the issue where they were not dropping any Target Intel.

  • Fixed a bug where players that died after defeating the final encounter would be able to repeat it and gain loot again.

  • Fixed instances of server instability that could lead to players being disconnected from the game.

Update 1.3 will introduce new weapons such as the fully automatic shotgun called the Showstopper, the G36 Assault Rifle, and the SVD Marksman Rifle. These weapons all have their own unique talents, meaning you’ll want to seek them out quickly if you want to have the upper-hand in the Dark Zone. The Showstopper’s unique talent, for example, will improve the weapon’s accuracy the more you fire it, whereas the G36 receives the Focused trait, which increases the weapons damage when the player does not have any skills on cooldown.

Of course, update 1.3 will also bring with it a bunch of changes to help with the game’s stability, as well as tweaks and adjustments to help balance weapon meta. These changes include decreasing the damage output of the AUG and the Vector by 10%, and adding the ability to re-roll weapon talents. You can check out the full patch notes here.

The update comes before the upcoming Underground expansion due to release on PlayStation 4 on August 2. Are you looking forward to checking out The Division once the servers are back up? Let us know in the comments below.

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