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Telltale’s Batman and All Future Games Will Have Multiplayer

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Telltale’s Batman and All Future Games Will Have Multiplayer

Decisions with friends.

The Telltale games have all been strictly single player affairs, but with the upcoming Batman game, that’s going to change. At San Diego Comic-Con, the developers announced a feature they’re calling Crowd Play, that when enabled, generates a specific URL that can be shared with anyone who’s in the room. When they go to the URL on a device with internet access, they can log in and become “added” to the game.

There’ll be two versions of Crowd Play–one that makes it so the crowd’s decisions have the final say, and another to where the main player can override what anyone else says. Percentages for each choice will be telegraphed on screen, and “secondary players” will be able to approve or dislike choices the player’s made with a thumbs up or down. If the main player wants to keep everyone happy, they can change choices, otherwise they can proceed as they planned to. Streamers will be able to use this feature as well, though it’s difficult now due to latency issues. Currently, the thumbs up/thumbs down system is best in streaming scenarios, but when there are no issues, the full experience will work quite well.

Crowd Play will be a part of Telltale’s Batman when it releases digitally on August 2, and it’ll continue with other games down the line. That means that you can expect it in Tales from the Borderlands Season Two, Wolf Among Us Season Two, and Walking Dead Season Three.

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