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Team Fortress 2 Receives Matchmaking Update 9 Years After Release


Team Fortress 2 Receives Matchmaking Update 9 Years After Release

Old dogs CAN learn new tricks!

Team Fortress 2 is a team-based shooter that has truly stood the test of time, maintaining a healthy player base for the past 9 years since its release. In those years, the game has seen a myriad of changes, but finally today, Team Fortress 2 has a matchmaking mode.

TF2 matchmaking works near identically to most other shooters of the past decade, but this update uses its matchmaking to also bring a competitive mode to the game, dubbed “Meet Your Match.”

“Ever since the first dolphins crawled out of the ocean, they’ve longed to pick a fight with the fat, banana-eating apes over by the trees. And now they can, in a structured dolphin-safe environment,”  said Valve in the official update post. Competitive matches are 6v6, and players will climb the ranks and earn up to 18 titles and badges. The mode sounds similar to the widely popular competitive matchmaking in Valve’s other first-person shooter, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The “Meet Your Match” update also includes a new ranking system for casual play that goes up with each game, as well as a casual version of the competitive mode, which will be replacing the Quick Play option on the main menu. Now, casual play more closely resembles shooters like Battlefield or Halo, with matchmaking placing players in games of similar rank, and allowing friends to party up and stay together between games.

Finally, the update also adds three new community-made maps into the fold, Sunshine, Metal Works, and Shiftwater. The former two will be Control Point maps, while Shiftwater is a Payload map.

What do you think of this hefty update? Let us know in the comments!


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