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System Shock Remake Reaches $1 Million Milestone

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System Shock Remake Reaches $1 Million Milestone

All systems are go.

The System Shock remake project launched on Kickstarter has managed to make over $1 million from the 16,247 backers who have donated to the game so far.

The game’s original aim was to reach at least $900,000 from backers, but with 13 days still left to go, the title has already smashed that goal. The news was first announced via Twitter by Nightdive Studios who went on to encourage backers to “tear the roof of this thing.”

With 13 days left to go, it looks like the project could well reach some of its stretch goal which include Mac and Linux versions, localization, and a full orchestral score. Reaching the $1 million mark may well encourage more people to back the project, so who knows how much the game may get in total.

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