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Subnautica: Where to Find Silver Ore


Subnautica: Where to Find Silver Ore

A guide to finding silver in Subnautica.

Silver Ore is a precious, raw material in Subnautica. It can be found in chunks of Sandstone scattered across the sea. It can be found in a variety of biomes, including: caves, dunes, grassy plateaus, and the kelp forest. In the kelp forest, keep an eye out for Stalker Sharks while you explore the deep valley of the forest filled with red algae and rock outcroppings. This location in particular should be teeming with silver. The sandstone of interest should be located on the ocean floor, not the sides of cliffs. Another trick to finding silver is to reach vast depths. Many players report finding more silver at depths of 100 meters and below, alongside other precious minerals like gold and diamonds.

To harvest silver (or any item, for that matter), look at the desired object and click the LMB.

Silver is a valuable resource in Subnautica and can be hard to come by. Couple that with its uses as a shared resource, and suddenly, silver becomes one of the most valuable resources in the game. Silver’s various uses include: computer chips, wiring kits, the Stillsuit, and more.

While computer chips and wire kits are useful to craft other items, the Stillsuit is a piece of equipment any experienced diver is going to want to get their hands on. The item is used to conserve and filter player’s bodily fluids, allowing them to get a constant source in reclaimed water. The reduces your overall H2O loss by 75%. Players will be notified every time the Stillsiot has reclaimed water, with the item producing around two reclaimed waters within one day.

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