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Subnautica: How to Get Energy

subnautica, seabase, how to, build, energy, oxygen, xbox one

Subnautica: How to Get Energy

A guide to getting energy in Subnautica.

subnautica, seabase, how to, build, energy, oxygen

Like water and oxygen, having a steady source of energy is vital to surviving the depths of the ocean in Subnautica. All seabases require energy to produce breathable air and to power any appliances, like the fabricator and alien containment.

All your seabases draw power from internal generators, like nuclear reactors and bio reactors, that are installed inside the base. But you’re not limited to internal generators. External generators also provide a steady source of energy for players willing to take the time to place them around their seabase. These generators, like the solar panel or thermal plants, provide your seabase with energy as long as they’re within power transmission range. Power transmission is represented by the thin glowing blue line connecting an external generator to your seabase. This transmitter can connect generators to bases all across the sea.

Much like a seabase, the Lifepod 5 also consumes power, but does not require a generator. Instead, it draws power from three special self-charging power cells.

Some items and vehicles require a batter or power cell to use. When this occurs, the player can replace the empty power source with a batter or power cell from their inventory. For handheld items, equip the item and press the replace key (default “R”). For vehicles, the player can interact with the empty power cell directly. The Seamoth’s power cell is located on its underside, towards the rear. The Cyclops has two banks of three power cells, one on either side of the engine. The Seamoth can also be recharged by docking it with a Moon Pool or Cyclops.

By replacing a partially or fully depleted batter or power cell, that empty power source will be added to your inventory. The empty power source can then be recharged with a battery charger or power cell charger. But keep in mind, both of these use energy from your seabase or Cyclops.

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