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Subnautica: How to Get Energy to Base


Subnautica: How to Get Energy to Base

A guide to getting energy to base in Subnautica.

All your seabases draw power from internal generators, like nuclear reactors and bio reactors, that are installed inside the base. But you’re not limited to internal generators.

External generators also provide a steady source of energy for players willing to take the time to place them around their seabase. These generators, like the solar panel or thermal plants, provide your seabase with energy as long as they’re within power transmission range. Power transmission is represented by the thin glowing blue line connecting an external generator to your seabase. This transmitter can connect generators to bases all across the sea.

The key to maintaining a steady source of energy in Subnautica is making full use of external generators, namely the solar panel. This placeable item absorbs lights and converts them to energy.

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Solar panels can be constructed with the Habitat Builder and can be placed on any surface and angle, including the Foundation, except seabase modules. But it can be placed in a room. Be aware though, solar panels can be damaged and destroyed, should they be struck enough times.

Solar panels transfer power up to twenty meters to a seabase or power transmitter and can store up to fifty energy. During the day, solar panels receive most of their supply of sunlight and thus give you the most energy possible. As the day wears on, the amount of energy gathered dissipates over time, until there is no charge whatsoever at midnight in Subnautica.


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