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Starbound: How to Join Servers and Play With Friends


Starbound: How to Join Servers and Play With Friends

While Starbound is often focused on surviving alone in the expanse of space, dying from starvation with friends can be just as rewarding as dying from starvation alone. To access the game’s multiplayer, the first thing you need to do is start up the game. In the main menu, select “Multiplayer,” and then type in the address of the server you wish to join. You can check here for a list of active community servers. If you are trying to play on your local server, simply enter

Once you enter the game, you’ll be aboard your own ship. You can invite others to group up in a party with you by clicking the plus sign on the upper left of your screen. Type in the name of the player you want to invite, and you’ll be socially surviving in no time. If you need to regroup, party members can click on each other’s avatars to teleport to each other’s ships.

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