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Rocket League: How to Unlock the Warthog


Rocket League: How to Unlock the Warthog

How to unlock the Warthog.

Unlocking all the standard cars in Rocket League is very simple, all you have to do is win matches until they unlock naturally. However, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One each have a vehicle that is exclusive to the platform and is unlocked in a different way.

Rocket League made is way to Xbox One after it came to PlayStation 4. The exclusive vehicle that came with it was the Warthog from the Halo series. In Rocket League it is called Hogsticker, rather than Warthog, but it looks fantastic. It is no different mechanically to the other cars in the game, but that shouldn’t stop you from using it.

To unlock it you must win a match with every other vehicle, including all the ones that unlock as you play. To do it quickly you could play exhibition matches, rather than online matches, as they also count towards unlocking the Warthog.

It may take a little while but it’s that simple! Enjoy getting your Halo on in Rocket League!

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