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RimWorld: What to Do With Chunks and How to Use Them for Defense


RimWorld: What to Do With Chunks and How to Use Them for Defense

The world of RimWorld is full of many resources that you’ll need to both build and expand your colony. A majority of your time will be spent mining for these materials. It is during these mining expeditions that you’ll come across copious amounts of Chunks. Chunks are just large, unrefined pieces of rock that will fill up your inventory and basically just sit there until you process them.

There are two things you can do with this resource. The first is to process them as we’ve already mentioned. You can turn Chunks into stone or metal provided that you have the right structures. This will provide much more useful resources that will in turn become more structures, expanding your colony to the furthest reaches of RimWorld.

The second thing you can do is use Chunks as a line of defense. Sine they are raw materials, you can simply drop them on the ground as a deterrent for invading forces. The AI will have to move around since it can’t climb over, providing you time and even the opportunity to lead them towards a specific location. Simply draw out a huge area to dump the useless rock and then shape that however you want.

If you use the second method, there is something to be mindful of. Your miners will mine your newly-built defensive Chunk lines if they’re within their search radius. You can avoid this by adjusting the search radius to not include your base and defenses (because they’ll even tear down your walls for some reason), or you can just make sure to keep a close eye on them. Nothing’s worse than thinking your colony is safe only to have a worker quite literally tear down your walls.

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