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Destiny: Best Hunter Subclasses, Ranked


Destiny: Best Hunter Subclasses, Ranked

The best tools for hunting.

With 9 sub-classes in Destiny, it can be difficult to compare them all against each other, especially since each type of Guardian plays so different than the next. The Hunter has a pretty diverse sub-class offering, as each one fills a very specific role in a team. Outside of their high mobility and excellent mid-game in PvP, each one of the three different sets of abilities offers players a surprising amount of flexibility in their builds.


Though with the constant stream of nerfs and buffs flowing through Destiny, the power of each subclass has changed substantially.  For better or worse, each one of the three Hunter sub-classes has gone through restructuring, altering their effectiveness in battle. So in the current meta, which one of the Hunter’s sub-classes is the best? Sure everyone has their favorites, but we are looking at sheer utility across all game modes. If we could only pick one sub-class this Is what we’d want to be stuck with.

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