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Geniuses Are Offering Transportation for Pokemon GO Players, For a Price

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Geniuses Are Offering Transportation for Pokemon GO Players, For a Price

Millionaires in the making.

Pokemon GO is blowing up all over the world, and it seems that everybody and their boss is playing it. A handuful of opportunistic people with a car and time to kill are taking advantage of that popularity by offering Uber-like transportation for Pokemon GO players.

This offer in Portland, as the Craigslist ad explains, would have them be the personal chauffeur for 2 hours as they hit up PokeStops and gyms. Apparently the ride includes snacks and beverages, too. Not too bad of a deal for $30/person.

Another ad in New York, though, seems to have the far superior deal. They’re available for the entire tri-state area, willing to drive slower so that players can hatch eggs, and have all the relevant car chargers at the ready in case of dead batteries. All of this for 3 hours day or night, and only $20/person.

At this rate, it won’t be long before an entire business model pops up that is completely dedicated to helping Pokemon GO players catch ’em all. We’ve been all over the place covering the game, including some possible places where you could find legendary Pokemon, and armed robbers baiting victims using Pokemon GO.

Will you be taking advantage of these transportation services?

Thanks, Gizmodo.


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