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Pokemon Sun and Moon Release Dates: When They Come Out


Pokemon Sun and Moon Release Dates: When They Come Out

Return to the wonderful world of Pokemon.

Pokemon fans always eagerly await the next entries in the series, to see what unique and interesting ‘mon will be added, especially in the wake of the super popular Pokemon GO. Sun and Moon are taking the handheld games to the tropical region of Alola, a place made up entirely of islands similar to Hawaii, which the team used as inspiration.

Sun and Moon hit the Nintendo 3DS on November 18, 2016. Both versions of the game cost $39.99, and like in the past, the available Pokemon to catch will vary between the two. There’s also a Steelbook Dual Pack exclusive to Amazon, that contains both versions of the game with a Steelbook case for $89.99.

We’ve already seen quite a few of the new ‘mon from Pokemon Sun and Moon, including the recently announced Mimicyu, a ghost-fairy type protecs itself from the sun with a cloth modeled after Pikachu. Nintendo also gave us a look at the new starters for Sun and Moon; the grass type Rowlet is a small cylindrical owl, the fire type Litten is a small red cat and the water type Popplio is a cheerful otter. You can see everything else we know about the new starters by checking here.

For more on Pokemon Sun and Moon in general, see everything we know about the new games here.


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