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Pokemon GO: Where Is Articuno?


Pokemon GO: Where Is Articuno?

Winter is still not here.

There are a lot of Pokemon to capture in Pokemon GO, but few are more famous or hidden than the three secret legendary birds. While we have speculated as to where you could find these birds, it’s important to note that they may not even exist in Pokemon GO right now.  There is little doubt that Articuno is hunted by trainers around the world, not to mention team Mystic, but not even a single sliver of evidence to its appearance has arisen.

It’s very possible that Nintendo and developer Niantic Inc are waiting for a specialized event to release this Pokemon upon the world. For those who don’t know, Pokemon creator Game Freak has been releasing special and rare Pokemon for free for their core games. While this might not be the case, there is the unlikely possibility that Niantic just releases this Pokemon for everyone to own.

One also has to wonder if there will only be one of this Pokemon, or if everyone will have a chance to catch one. The former seems less likely as it would not only ruin the fun of hunting for them but make it so it comes down to nothing but luck. As it stands, you probably cannot capture Articuno or any of the legendary birds right now so focus on hunting the rarer ones that we do know exist such as Dratini or Kabuto. We’ll update this page the second there’s more info on their whereabouts or arrival.

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