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Pokemon GO: Where Is Ditto?


Pokemon GO: Where Is Ditto?

Wannabe Pokemon trainers all over the world are currently enjoying Pokemon GO as they embark on their own quest to catch ’em all and be the very best. However, some Pokemon seem to be causing players a few problems in completing their collection, and Ditto is one of them.

At the time of writing, Ditto doesn’t seem to be out and about in the great outdoors. While it’s definitely in the game (it’s listed in the Pokedex), the morphing Pokemon hasn’t been spotted by players and speculation seems to be pointing toward it being an event Pokemon, or to be released into the wild if a breeding feature were to come to the game.

All of this is pure speculation for now, and if by chance a Ditto does happen to appear in the meantime, we’ll be sure to update this article and give you all of the details we can. After all, one trainer’s experience with a Pokemon can be all the direction you need to go and snag your own. In the meantime, just keep searching and level up as fast as you can in the hopes that the pink blob of goo will appear at a higher trainer level.

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