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Pokemon GO Teases PokeStop Customization, Undiscovered Easter Eggs, and More

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Pokemon GO Teases PokeStop Customization, Undiscovered Easter Eggs, and More

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Pokemon GO is huge. In fact, it’s so huge that it even got its own panel at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. John Hanke, the CEO of Niantic, showed up at the con to talk about the development of the app, and also teased a few app features that could possibly be coming in future updates.

First off, Hanke declined to give any numbers about the total number of app users they had. However, he did admit that Niantic wasn’t exactly prepared for the crazy reception from fans.

‘Hanke declined to give numbers on their users, but “we weren’t provisioned for what happened.” They added servers right away, but that then added some bugs, and it was difficult to keep up.’

Hanke also mentioned that Pokemon trading was definitely a feature that the team is working on bringing to the app. However, before they can do that, first the team has to ensure server stability and bug fixes. He also teased that more customization options could come to the app in future updates. This includes PokeStop customization, hospitals, and other capabilities.

When asked about the cool Eevee evolution naming trick, Hanke also stated that there were more Easter eggs to be found in the game.

Lastly, he closed off the panel by stating that the team was working hard to bring the app to new countries every day. Pokemon GO is out in a lot of major territories right now, but there are still many regions that have yet to experience the phenomenon.

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