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Pokemon GO Team Leader Faces Finally Revealed to the Public


Pokemon GO Team Leader Faces Finally Revealed to the Public

Cool Pokemon Trainers incoming.

While some fans of Pokemon GO might have already decided which team they are part of, it is only recently that they found out what their team leaders looked like. While trainers might argue which is better, they only had colored silhouettes which represented every team to compare with

There is one team for every legendary bird in the first generation of Pokemon, but they also have different types of meanings. For instance, Team Instinct is all about trusting their gut feeling when it comes to battling and picking Pokemon. All of their outfits seems to follow a color scheme that falls in line with the team colors. Both Team Instinct and Team Mystic do have some colors that do not follow in that scheme though. For example, Blanche, the Mystic leader, has some fuchsia mixed into her outfit. Also Spark, the leader for Team Instinct, has what looks like a blue sweatband around his wrist. It is not known why these team leaders were revealed now instead of the beginning of the game.

We don’t know if the team leaders will play a role in anything else such as when legendary events happen or if they’re just there to look cool. No matter what teams trainers might have picked in the beginning, the core gameplay will not change. Now trainers will have a better idea of who they are joining since as of right now, you cannot change your team once it is chosen. 


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