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Pokemon GO Rolls Out in Three More Countries

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Pokemon GO Rolls Out in Three More Countries

The craze spreads its reach even further.

Pokemon trainers throughout Australia, New Zealand, and the United States have been trying to catch ’em all in Pokemon GO for about a week now, and yesterday the game became available in both Germany and the United Kingdom. The official Pokemon GO Twitter has just revealed that three more countries can join the frenzy, as it can be downloaded to Android and iOS devices in Italy, Spain, and Portugal right now.

The game’s Twitter has also encouraged patience for those without the game yet, as they are working as fast as they can to roll it out to more countries soon, while also staying on top of the ever-growing strain on their servers. Keep a watch on that account for the latest updates.

Pokemon GO’s developer Niantic Labs recently opened up requests for new Gym and PokéStop locations, and the game has even become so big that Donald Trump has released an attack ad against Hillary Clinton that spoofs the mobile phenomenon.

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