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Pokemon GO PSA: Don’t Attach Your Phone to Your Ceiling Fan


Pokemon GO PSA: Don’t Attach Your Phone to Your Ceiling Fan

Was it worth it at least?

Pokemon GO has taken the world by storm with several people going out and trying to be the very best. One way to get Pokemon is to hatch Eggs which allows you to get some rare Pokemon you might not have found. Some fans have decided to try to be a bit creative and have taken to using a drone while playing the app.

Some others have decided to look for a less expensive ways to hatch their eggs. While some people put their phones on the household roomba, this guy decided to attach his phone to his ceiling fan.

You can almost hear the regret and sadness in his voice over doing this. It makes you wonder how exactly he tied it down and if he will keep the dent in the wall there. Just as a reminder that catching them all is a lot harder than it seems. While it might be understandable to try your best to not go out this summer, it’s not worth your expensive phone. This is not the first funny story to come out since Pokemon GO has been released, as earlier there was even a player that actually threw their phone.

Guess we have to cross of ceiling fan as a viable solution to hatching eggs from now. Let us know any other ways you have found to hatch eggs quickly in the comments below.


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