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Pokemon GO Mania Puts Nintendo’s Market Value Above Sony

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Pokemon GO Mania Puts Nintendo’s Market Value Above Sony

Meowth! That’s Right!

It’s hard to believe that Pokemon GO released merely 2 weeks ago today. Since then, the world has suffered an earthquake of activity from closet Pokemon hunters the world abound, who have cast off their headsets and lay down their controllers to venture into the outside world and realise their childhood dreams of being Ash Ketchum.

Naturally, this was great news for Nintendo, The Pokemon Company, and Niantic, who were all complicit in it’s glorious creation. Nintendo especially, who have gained a healthy profit on the stock market since it was bestowed on iOS/Android on July 6.

market value

As you can see from the diagram courtesy of Bloomberg, Nintendo’s Market Value has exploded, and jumped nearly 20 billion dollars in the past 2 weeks ever since the game’s initial launch. It currently stands at about 300 billion yen above Sony, a huge blow to the company, especially since they share the same industry.

This can only mean great things for those developing and playing the game, as the influx of profit and the successful launch will mean an easier route to expanding the core experience and providing new features for fanatics across the globe.

Watch this space for more news as Pokemon GO asserts it’s dominance in the mobile market.

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