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Pokemon GO is So Popular, Even Dead Rising’s Frank West Can’t Resist It

Dead Rising 4

Pokemon GO is So Popular, Even Dead Rising’s Frank West Can’t Resist It

Red, Blue, or Yellow?

In case you couldn’t tell, Pokemon GO is a popular game. Like, a ridiculously popular game, and it’s only been out for just about a week for most of the world. While it’s pretty clear that the entire planet is losing their collective minds to this thing, its power is so great that it’s bleeding into other worlds. Case in point, Dead Rising’s war journalist hero Frank West. The zombie killing photographer put some of his skills to use in order to snap a pic of some zombies who were possibly at one point members of Team Mystic (blue), Instinct (red), and Valor (yellow).

In Dead Rising 4, players will once again take control of Frank in Willamette during a zombie outbreak. While it’s too early to say, it wouldn’t entirely be surprising if there were achievements tied to killing zombies depending on what color shirt they wear, or at the very least, some kind of reference to it. Just also be safe during your trip to Willamette. Travel times and all that.

Dead Rising 4 comes to the Xbox One later this year, though Pokemon GO will still have conquered the world by them.

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