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Pokemon GO: How to Get Rid of Pokemon


Pokemon GO: How to Get Rid of Pokemon

You don’t need all five of those Pidgeys right?

On your quest to complete your Pokedex in Pokemon GO you’ll probably find yourself coming across a couple hundred Pidgey, Rattata, and other common Pokemon. While you should definitely catch them all to get a ton of Candy and to help you level up faster, you shouldn’t let them clog up your inventory.

Once you’ve returned from your Pokemon GO session, with a butt load of Pokemon that you’ve caught in the wild, be sure to head into your Pokemon menu and search for Pokemon you don’t want. Any that you no longer want to keep hold of, simply tap on them and head down to Transfer at the bottom. This is a really handy option that allows you to ‘transfer’ the Pokemon to Professor Willow and be rewarded with a piece of that Pokemon’s Candy for doing so. This can then be used to evolve your more powerful version of that Pokemon, or to power one up that’s already completely evolved.

There’s no other way to get rid of a Pokemon once you’ve caught it, but hey, at least you’re getting rewarded for doing a bit of spring cleaning.

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